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24/07/2024 5:36 am

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Resin Art Takes Centre-Stage at CII Chandigarh Fair 2023


 Chandigarh: Diwali festivities at the CII Chandigarh Fair 2023 have ushered in a treasure trove of home decor options, and amid the dazzling array of offerings, one stall stands out with its breathtaking resin art pieces. For the very first time in India, “HardSoda”, a brainchild of artist Vikas from Panchkula, unveils these captivating artworks, turning heads and enchanting fairgoers.

Vikas is the creative genius responsible for bringing the mesmerising world of resin art to the Fair’s art scene. As a relatively new artistic form in India, resin art has left people astounded by its charm. Vikas is on a mission to introduce and promote this remarkable art form, encouraging others to delve into their own creativity.


Beyond being a visual spectacle, Vikas views resin art as a form of therapy. According to him, it’s a fantastic stress buster that can benefit people of all ages, including children. He firmly believes that everyone can learn this art and find solace in its creative process.


Vikas has received glowing reviews from his customers, and the demand for his art has soared. Visitors at the CII Chandigarh Fair 2023 are buzzing with excitement about his resin art. Vikas is overjoyed by the responses, and he’s been engaged in spirited conversations with art enthusiasts.


The products on display at Vikas’s stall “HardSoda” include a diverse range of resin art creations, including platters, wall clocks, trays, coasters, ladies’ purses, keychains, and tables for home decor, among others. Among his best-selling creations are enchanting wall art, exquisite watches, and alluring wall clocks.


When asked about his experience at the fair, Vikas expressed his immense excitement and love for Tricity. He described it as a fantastic journey and expressed deep gratitude for the incredible support he has received from the fair’s visitors. He eagerly looks forward to returning to Chandigarh, where his art has truly found a home.


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