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02/12/2023 1:49 am

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PECFEST DAY-3 Concluded with Symphony of Music, a Canvas of Colors and Laughter


The 3rd and last day of PECFEST, the campus of Punjab Engineering College(Deemed to be University), Chandigarh was buzzing with a series of cheerful and adventure-filled events and activities like the IPL Auction, Treasure Hunt, Street Play, Graffiti, Roborace, RoboSoccer, PEC Film Festival, HoverCraft, Netagiri, Influencer Saga (with Akhil Arora, along withHimanshu Arora having the center stage) and the most awaited Rockathon (Battle of Bands) which is a series of musical performances from bands across the nation. 


The past two days in Tricity have been abuzz with activity with the ongoing PECFEST. The festival showed no signs of slowing down, as its third day commenced with events like the Rockathon, RoboSoccer and Roborace. The final day was packed with a plethora of events that happened simultaneously ranging right from the hackathons to the performing arts. With each performance, the audience was hooked to the beats produced, from various instruments such as the violin to the drum set. The air was full of festive fervour, with the crowd bubbling with excitement.


A total of 48 cultural events were scheduled for the 3 day extravaganza at Punjab Engineering College. Out of which 35 have been conducted in the past 2 days and the rest 13 were scheduled for today. 

The events and competitions have witnessed a high amount of participation in comparison to last year. Most of the events had 80-100 participants with a few events having even high participation reaching 150+

An event “Unveil The Culprit” conducted by the SCC had 256 teams participating in the event. 

The treasure hunt event scheduled for today which started at 11:00 AM has also witnessed 120+ teams participating with 2-3 members in each team. 

There have been quizzes, fun events, exhibitions, debates, open mic events, 1 vs 1 dance battles etc everything conducted this time. 

According to the pecfest website data 4.3k people registered themselves for different events. With excessive participation from 40 colleges in the region inclusive of PEC, CCET, Thapar, DAV Chd, Chitkara, IISER, SD College, MCM DAV and NIT Jalandhar.

The theme for the fest, ”Maritime in Masquerade” was brought to life with an enthralling performance by SUNIDHI CHAUHAN on Star Night. The stage pulsed with the energy and exuberance of this music maestro as this three-day extravaganza concluded on a vivacious end with the hope for an even better fest next year. With an energetic and captivating performance, the singer had the crowd shimmying along with the members of the group to the tunes of famous Bollywood songs. In what could be best defined as the perfect conclusion to a three-day relay of events and performances, the singer had thousands of people swooning and crooning to the exuberant tunes of her famous songs.

The night (on 19th Nov, 2023) will end on an enthusiastic note with the Rap Battle, thus bringing a more musical vibe to the day. The judging panel for the Rap Battle, featuring the triple threat from Bad MundeyAi Bamania, Sky 38 and Badbola. Bad Mundey has been taking the local hip-hop scene by storm, with phenomenal concerts all across the board, and they were here to find the next legend in the making. The rapt audience was caught in the enthusiasm and exuberance of the rappers on stage as they wove their magic through the night. Along with the musical beats which will be performed by ANURAG HALDER, an incredibly talented composer and songwriter, he blew up the listeners with his songs Kashtiya, Adhuri and Faasla, Live on the PECFEST. At night, ‘Glitterati’ theme-based fashion show will also take the audience in the era of awe and style, with MANPREET SINGH and NIMRAT KAHLON as the Judges of the show. With this unforgettable rendition of a timeless musical experience, PECFEST 2023-24, where talent meets creativity, came to a grand end.

The three-day fest was a melange of events right from the ones of competition and team spirit to the ones which fuelled up the people around. PECFEST ended on a lively note leaving higher expectations for PECFEST 2024.

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