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02/12/2023 1:12 am

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LeOrion Observatory, Mohali’s Photograph featured in NASA’s Official Page – Sky


Amrinderjit Singh was not alone in his pursuit of capturing the Lunar eclipse. In fact, there were many others gathered around him, all trying to capture this beautiful natural phenomenon in their own way. Some had brought telescopes, some had powerful cameras, and others were simply gazing up at the sky in silent wonder.

As the eclipse progressed, the Moon began to take on a reddish hue, a phenomenon known as a blood moon. Amrinderjit Singh

Despite the excitement of the moment, there was also a sense of calm and tranquility in the air. As the Moon became shrouded in darkness, the stars seemed to shine brighter than ever, casting a peaceful glow over the gathered crowd.

The Lunar eclipse lasted for several hours, each passing moment marked by the slow movement of the Moon as it traveled through the Earth’s shadow. Eventually, as the eclipse came to a close and the Moon emerged once again in its full brightness, Amrinderjit Singh knew that he had captured a truly magical moment in time.

It was the last Lunar eclipse of the year and Amrinderjit Singh tried to capture it successfully.

According to Amrinderjit Singh LeOrion Observatory, Mohali’s Photograph featured on NASA’s Official Page – Sky

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