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24/07/2024 5:00 am

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Chandigarh Spinal Rehab Launches Free Therapy and Rehab Services for BPL Individuals


Chandigarh : Chandigarh Spinal Rehab, an initiative of Sai Aasra Paraplegic Rehab Centre in Sector 28 here today launched free therapy and rehabilitation services exclusively for those who are financially challenged.

  This initiative aims to provide Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy and crucial support and care to those who might otherwise lack access to essential rehabilitation services due to their economic condition.

The free therapy and rehab services, which was inaugurated by Harman Sidhu, Paraplegic and road safety activist, will be offered Monday to Friday, from 4:30 PM to 6:30 pm.

These services will ensure that individuals from economically challenged backgrounds receive the necessary medical care and support.

These sessions will be conducted by a team of experienced therapists and healthcare professionals dedicated to improving the quality of life for persons with orthopedic and neurological conditions.

The Centre will offer therapy and rehabilitation for those recovering from Spinal Cord Injury, Brain Injury, Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson, Sciatica/Low back Pain, Knee Pain/ Knee injury, Frozen shoulder, Sports Physiotherapy and Cervical Spondylosis, children with special needs and more.

Chief Guest, Harman Sidhu, said, “It is indeed a noble initiative of the Chandigarh Spinal Rehab to start free therapy and rehab services for those who cannot afford it otherwise. A lot of people suffer major injuries in road accidents; hence we need to understand the importance of safe driving, which will save many who suffer spinal injuries and also hundreds of lives lost in accidents.”

Nicky P Kaur-Founder & CEO of Chandigarh Spinal Rehab said, “In the last 7 years we have built a novel concept of Rehabilitation where the privileged and underprivileged sections of society have been treated alike and the Team has been dedicated towards providing comprehensive rehabilitation and empowerment to all.

We now further extend the three “E’s” of Chandigarh Spinal Rehab, i.e. Empathy, Expertise and Excellence to an even larger section of the economically weaker section of society.

Through this initiative, we aspire to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our brethren who are suffering due to pain or health conditions by providing them with the medical care and support they deserve.”

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