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19/04/2024 2:15 pm

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Teacher Training Workshop at St. Soldier International Convent School


Lions Club Mohali recently organized a highly successful two-day teacher training workshop from 1st April to 2nd April, 2024 aimed at enhancing the skills of educators in understanding and supporting adolescent development, social and emotional learning, and academic growth.

The workshop, held at St. Soldier International Convent School , was attended by faculty members. The workshop welcomed esteemed Chief Guest, MJF Lion Dr. G.S. Kalra, Dist. Governor  and Guest of Honour, MJF Lion Ravinder Saggar, V. D. G. -1 , who shared their insights and expertise on the journey of human development, particularly focusing on the transition from adolescence to adulthood. The trainer, Ms. Manisha Ghanti, engaged participants in discussions on various aspects of adolescent growth, addressing topics such as navigating challenges, building resilience, and fostering positive learning environments.

Throughout the two-day event, participants actively engaged in sharing ideas, posing queries, discussing doubts, and seeking advice on effective teaching strategies and methodologies.

The workshop emphasized the importance of continuous learning, encouraging educators to embrace a mindset of learning, relearning, and unlearning concepts to adapt to evolving educational landscapes. Key sessions of the workshop included practical exercises on lesson designing, fostering a supportive learning environment, and effective communication techniques.

Participants were encouraged to adopt a positive approach to refrain  from using negative language,  instead to focus on constructive feedback and encouragement.

The workshop concluded with a certification ceremony, where all participating faculty members were recognized for their commitment to professional development and their dedication to enhancing the learning experiences of their students.

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