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05/12/2023 1:22 pm

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Home » Chandigarh » St. Anne’s Convent School Hosts Inaugural Model United Nations Session for Primary Wing

St. Anne’s Convent School Hosts Inaugural Model United Nations Session for Primary Wing


In a historic moment, St. Anne’s Convent School organized its first-ever Model United Nations (MUN) session for the primary wing, involving students from classes 3rd, 4th, and 5th. The event took place in the school premises and witnessed enthusiastic participation from young delegates.

The opening ceremony was graced by the presence of Reverend Father Ambrose, the school manager, who delivered an inspiring speech highlighting the importance of MUN and fostering young minds’ diplomacy and leadership skills. He emphasized that this initiative is a significant step in nurturing the next generation of responsible citizens.

School Principal, Sr. Siji, shared her excitement about this innovative initiative, underlining the school’s commitment to providing a well-rounded education that goes beyond academics. She urged the students to engage actively in the MUN and grasp the opportunity to learn about global issues, diplomacy, and teamwork.

The school coordinators, led by Ms. Babita Gupta, played a pivotal role in motivating the young delegates. Ms. Gupta stressed the educational and personal growth potential of participating in MUN, encouraging students to embrace this platform as a unique learning opportunity.

The MUN session for the primary wing has generated significant enthusiasm among the students, who are eager to represent various nations and discuss critical global issues. The event promises to be an enriching experience, nurturing young minds with essential skills that will serve them well in the future.

As the MUN session unfolds, St. Anne’s Convent School is setting a remarkable precedent by introducing primary school students to the world of international diplomacy and problem-solving, laying the foundation for responsible global citizens.

The school manager Rev. Father Ambrose, School Principal Sr. Siji, and Ms.Babita Gupta Mun Co-ordinator Encourage Young Delegates

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