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18/06/2024 3:26 pm

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Punjab Government Introduces the “Punjab Influencer Empowerment Policy, 2023”

Join hands with social media influencers to illuminate the vivacious spirit of Punjab throughout India

Punjab govt releases registration form for influencers:

Chandigarh :

          The Punjab Government, under the steadfast leadership of Chief Minister S. Bhagwant Singh Mann, is proud to unveil the “Punjab Influencer Empowerment Policy, 2023”. This inventive policy is envisioned to amplify the state’s diverse cultural, heritage, and governance narratives through collaborative partnerships with social media influencers.

Embarking on a journey to celebrate Punjab

          In a digital era where influencers significantly shape public perceptions and narratives, this policy aims to harness their potential to narrate the varied and rich stories of Punjab’s culture, heritage, and governance initiatives to audiences across India.

Open invitation to influencers: Be part of this singular initiative

          The Punjab government extends a warm invitation to influencers across various digital platforms to be a part of this unique initiative.

Together, let’s narrate the enchanting stories of Punjab

          Through this policy, influencers and the government will collaboratively ensure that the tales of Punjab’s progress, its lush culture, and the heart-warming stories of its people are celebrated and shared across India. Along with positive outreach, it also aims to contribute to the collective fight against fake & manipulated news.

          For more detailed information on the Influencer Empowerment Policy-2023 and to explore how you can be a part of this compelling journey, visit


Key Highlights of the Influencer Empowerment Policy

Eligibility and categories of Influencers: The policy delineates influencers into five specific categories based on their subscriber base:

Application process: Influencers desiring to collaborate with the Punjab Government under this policy can apply through a straightforward online application process, ensuring ease of access and participation.

          Who can apply: The policy invites participation from influencers who have a robust and active presence on major social media platforms, ensuring a wide reach and impactful dissemination of information. Influencers should adhere to maintaining a positive and lawful digital image, with no criminal records or engagement in activities against state and national interests.

          Earning potential: The policy outlines a structured compensation model, offering influencers remuneration based on the reach and impact of their content. Different categories of influencers will have varied earning potentials, details of which are outlined comprehensively in the policy document, ensuring transparency and fairness in compensation.

          Upholding ethical standards: Influencers, while crafting and sharing content, are expected to abide by ethical guidelines that ensure respect towards privacy, cultural, social, and religious norms, and adherence to relevant advertising and data protection laws.

          Transparent and supportive collaboration: The Punjab Government assures a transparent, supportive, and mutually beneficial collaboration, offering influencers a platform to amplify their reach while ensuring that the state’s achievements and policies are communicated effectively to the public.

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