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18/06/2024 1:19 pm

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Home » Chandigarh » Order CBI probe and dismiss edu minister Harjot Bains in Majithia girls’ molestation case – Bikram S Majithia

Order CBI probe and dismiss edu minister Harjot Bains in Majithia girls’ molestation case – Bikram S Majithia

Chandigarh: Former minister and senior Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) leader Bikram Singh Majithia today demanded a CBI probe into the molestation of adolescent girls in a Government Elementary School in Majitha besides calling for the dismissal of education minister Harjot Bains.

In a statement here, Mr Bikram Majithia said in case chief minister Bhagwant Mann did not dismiss the education minister immediately it would be surmised that he was siding with the perpetrator behind the heinous act instead of the victims and their parents. He also questioned why the chief minister had not visited the victim families till now. “You have time to attend Vipassna retreats and ferry your boss Arvind Kejriwal across the country but you don’t have time to visit adolescent victims of sexual abuse”. Mr Majithia also questioned the character of the chief minister and AAP, saying “you have talked about injustice done to Bilkis Bano but now when you are in a position to right a wrong you have chosen to remain silent. This reflects a sick mentality”.

Mr Majithia also demanded the immediate arrest of the teacher – Rakesh Kumar who had molested the adolescent girls. He said it was condemnable that the teacher had not been arrested even seven days after registration of a FIR in the case. He also demanded the immediate dismissal of the teacher from government service adding “this has not been done till now because Rakesh Kumar is being protected by AAP leaders”.

Speaking about the dubious role of the education minister and the State Education department, Mr Majithia said “Harjot Bains has not thought it fit to visit the school or even direct exemplary action against the perpetrator of this heinous act. He has also not taken any action against the school management of Rakh Bhangwan Elementary School which tried to suppress the complaints filed by parents of three girl students. The management should also be hauled up for pressuring the affected families to go in for a compromise in the case”. He also demanded a probe into why the CCTV camera in the school premises had been switched off and why the perpetrator was allowed to segregate girls and abuse them.

Meanwhile Mr Majithia also urged Punjabis to help the affected families in their fight for justice. “A lot needs to be done to expose the perpetrators as well as those who are protecting them from the long arm of the law”. EOM
Jangveer Singh.

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