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26/02/2024 9:09 pm

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Home » Chandigarh » Government College of Education Chandigarh embarks on Capacity Building Initiative for Teachers

Government College of Education Chandigarh embarks on Capacity Building Initiative for Teachers


The Placement Cell and MGNCRE Club of Government College of Education, Sector 20 D, Chandigarh, today commenced with pioneering Value Added Course on “Capacity Building for Developing Added Skills towards Employability of Teachers.” The inaugural day, January 9, 2024, focused on the crucial theme of “Food, Good Health and Well-being, Quality Education, and Sustainable Environment”. This dedicated course aims to empower educators by enhancing their employability and providing insights into specific Sustainable Development Goals.

Day 1 of the college and the programme commenced with a spiritually enriching ritual –Hawan- fostering a sense of unity and positivity. Faculty, non-faculty members, and students from B.Ed., M.Ed., and PGD GC actively participated in the ceremony. The pious ceremony emphasized the importance of spiritual well-being in addition to academics. It brought everyone together and reminded us of the values that guide our educational journey. The day started on a positive note, fostering a sense of togetherness and shared goals among the college community.

The Principal of the college, Dr. Sapna Nanda welcomed the students and staff for the new semester and appreciated the launch of the course. Dr. Ravneet Chawla, coordinator of the Value Added Course shared the concept of designing the program and encouraged the students to benefit from the course.

The first session of the day was conducted by Dr. Prabhjot Malhi, Consultant (child psychology) Fortis Medi centre, Chandigarh and Former Professor Department of Pediatrics, PGIMER, Chandigarh. She has over 250 research publications, more than 250 research papers published in national and international journals, and guided more than 100 thesis.

The session started with Dr. Malhi sharing some clinical cases to highlight the versatility of problems in children, how she uses the ‘colour your life’ technique to try to perceive the problem and then discussed a few hypotheses on the root cause of these problems. A discussion was done on the wellbeing for sustainable development goal. She emphasised on teaching youth to build developmental assets and focus on building close relationships. The session ended on the note that we should try to turn mistakes and failures into opportunities for positive development.

The second session of VAC day 1 was conducted by Mrs. Indu Aggrawal on ‘Entrepreneurship beyond barriers’. Her research articles have been published in the UGC journal and The Lifestyle Journalist Magazine. She established the “Disha for success”.

Mrs. Indu started with a discussion with students on the importance of entrepreneurship in teaching. The entrepreneurship skills evolve job market, professional development, for personal growth and encourage innovation. She emphasized on performance based learning which is introduced NEP 2020. For a successful entrepreneur, a person must have resilience- ability to bounce back, adaptability and risk-taking, growth mindset, creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving abilities. Further, she shared views on inclusive entrepreneurship, addressing gender disparities, tackling Socio-economic barriers, supporting diverse student backgrounds, and promoting accessibility and inclusivity. Mrs. Indu then talked about the role of technology and innovation integration, collaborating Learning and Networking. The overall session was interactive involving discussions with the speaker, students and faculty.

The following days shall include sessions on learning outcomes, prevention of drug abuse, artificial intelligence, gamification in teaching learning process, personality grooming and having a nutrition based diet. The students had an interactive day with the eminent speakers. Dr Ravneet Chawla, curator and Coordinator of the course extended vote of thanks to the guests.

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