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29/11/2023 11:33 am

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Home » Chandigarh » Elevate Your Diwali Celebrations with Mesmerizing Home Decor at CII Chandigarh Fair 2023

Elevate Your Diwali Celebrations with Mesmerizing Home Decor at CII Chandigarh Fair 2023


As the radiant festival of Diwali approaches, the CII Chandigarh Fair 2023 unfolds a captivating tapestry of home decor, poised to elevate your celebrations to new heights. Within the vibrant aisles of the fair, visitors are treated to a plethora of unique home decor options. This year’s fair has an exciting array of offerings, each with its distinctive allure, and they all converge to define the spirit of the upcoming festive season.


Mool Srishtee Foundation, a social enterprise founded by Chandigarh’s very own Ekta Gupta, takes centre stage in this tapestry of decorative arts. The Foundation’s core motto, “Connecting environment to employment,” weaves a thread of eco-consciousness and artistic finesse into their products. Their stall boasts an array of enchanting gift hampers featuring a harmonious blend of plants and diyas, quilled pooja decor, lippan art decors, customized gift pots, hand-painted diyas, and illuminating lamps. However, it’s their “Magic Lamps” that steal the spotlight. Once ignited, these lamps shine for more than 24 hours, casting an enchanting spell over your Diwali festivities and aligning with the vision of a greener, more sustainable Diwali.


From the heart of Delhi, Rakeef returns to the fair due to the overwhelming response to his Turkish Lights & Lamps. These exquisite lighting creations, made from metal, combine intricate designs with a touch of tradition. His workshop’s offerings have become an integral part of Diwali celebrations for many, echoing the fair’s celebration of global artistic traditions.


Azzaroo by Robbin shines with gifting items and home decoration pieces, each meticulously crafted from materials such as marble and clay, adorned with intricate paintings. Their distinctive offering, the mosaic lamps, crafted with glass and mirror work, sparkles in the ensemble, creating a luminous aura for your Diwali decor.


The fair extends its arms internationally to embrace the enchanting Thai DD intertrade, currently on tour in India. Thai DD intertrade presents “Cotton Light Balls Hangings” and “Plant-Based Lights” to illuminate your Diwali in an exquisite Thai tapestry. The global fusion of artistic traditions culminates in this delightful showcase.


Taking you on a pan-Indian journey, Ethnic India by Manju, hailing from Panchkula, invites visitors to explore an extensive range of home decor. Their stall is a tribute to the diverse cultural heritage of the country, offering an unmatched selection of Diwali decor items for both gifting and personal use. It’s a celebration of India’s cultural mosaic in the grand tapestry of the fair.


This year, at CII Chandigarh Fair 2023, each stall is a brushstroke, contributing to a grand masterpiece of celebration, culture, and artistry. Don’t miss the chance to explore these unique home decor options, masterfully brought together by these remarkable exhibitors.


Amid this diverse array of offerings, Raj Kumar Nursery, Kaimwala, adds a unique touch to the event by emphasizing the importance of environmental consciousness. They specialize in offering a delightful range of indoor plants and deliver a powerful message that resonates with the spirit of an eco-friendly Diwali: ” Waste carries a heavier burden, while plants lighten our carbon footprint. Let’s reduce the pollution and unburden the Earth.” In the midst of captivating home decor, this innovative approach offers a reminder of the significance of reducing pollution and adopting green practices during the festive season, bringing harmony to your Diwali celebrations.



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