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05/12/2023 3:28 pm

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Home » Chandigarh » DC Mohali celebrates her birthday in a unique way; Adopts Deer at Chhattbir Zoo for one year

DC Mohali celebrates her birthday in a unique way; Adopts Deer at Chhattbir Zoo for one year

SAS Nagar:

Setting an example, the Deputy Commissioner SAS Nagar Mohali Mrs Aashika Jain today celebrated her birthday in a unique manner. She has adopted a deer at Chhattbir Zoo for a year on her birthday.

The Deputy Commissioner alongwith her husband Himanshu Jain visited the zoo in the afternoon and adopted the deer by submitting the annual fee of Rs.14400. She submitted the fee to the Punjab Zoos Development Society which is undertaking upkeep of animals in the zoo. Describing it as a soothing and divine experience,

Ms Aashika Jain said that it has filled her heart with humility and dedication.

The Deputy Commissioner said that preservation of Flora and fauna is the basic moral duty of every individual while adding that she has made a small contribution towards this noble cause. She said that it is the need of the hour that every individual must contribute for environmental protection on their part.

Ms Aashika Jain said that it is imperative to ensure that the precious species of animals and plants are preserved.

The Deputy Commissioner exhorted the people especially the students to come forward and contribute for this noble cause on their special days. She said that it will help in creating a mass movement to generate maximum awareness for preserving and promoting the environment.

Ms Aashika Jain hoped that more and more people will become a part of this campaign and adopt more and more number of animals in the zoos.

The Director of ChhatBir Zoo Ms Kalpana K. thanked the Deputy Commissioner for her compassionate gesture. She also stated that with the help of district administration, the solar panel has also been installed and got functional today.

She has also appealed to educational institutions and school heads to urge them to run a movement of animal adoption in their respective schools.

It is worthwhile to mention that the couple is passionate towards environment conservation. Himanshu jain working as Additional PS to Punjab CM, adds that they frequently participate in environmental awareness activities such as hiking, trail walk in the lower Shivaliks in the Siswan forest area.

Work is ongoing for publication of a coffee table book on the trails in the Siswan area. He appreciated the decision of his life partner and said that the move aimed at setting a precedent for others too.

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