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05/12/2023 3:22 pm

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Chandigarh Youth Congress advocate for Empowerment and Equality


In a compelling display of solidarity, the Chandigarh Youth Congress organized a symbolic protest at Sector 17 Plaza, shedding light on three crucial demands aimed at fostering empowerment and inclusivity.

The three primary demands are as follows:

  1. 85% Reservation in Jobs for Youth in Chandigarh: A call for increased opportunities for the youth, ensuring a fair distribution of employment prospects.
  2. Increase in Pension for Old, Disabled, and Widows: Advocating for a compassionate society, the Youth Congress urges an augmentation of pensions from ₹1000 to ₹3000 for the elderly, disabled, and widowed individuals.
  3. End of ‘Lal Dora’ System: Striving for an egalitarian society, the movement seeks to eliminate the ‘Lal Dora’ system and promote a more inclusive approach to land allocation.

In a poignant gesture during the Diwali celebration at Sector 17 Plaza, the Youth Congress crafted a rangoli depicting these demands and illuminated the surroundings with Diyas, symbolizing their commitment to enlightening society through progressive change.

Manoj Lubana, President of Chandigarh Youth Congress, emphasized the significance of the protest, stating, “Our rangoli and Diyas represent not just the festival of lights, but also the illumination of hope for a future where every individual is granted equal opportunities and dignity.”
H s Lucky President Chandigarh Congress said that
the Chandigarh Youth Congress is rightly raising the above issues as the youth of chandigarh is feeling demoralised due to lack of jobs . We are gathering public support and engaging people to foster a community that values fairness, compassion, and progress.

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