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02/12/2023 1:23 am

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Home » Chandigarh » Budding journos of University Institute of Media Studies Commemorates National Press Day with Engaging Activities

Budding journos of University Institute of Media Studies Commemorates National Press Day with Engaging Activities

Students Make Aware of the Importance of AI in journalism

SAS Nagar:
The budding journos from University Institute of Media Studies (Chandigarh University, Gharuan) observed National Press Day on with zeal and enthusiasm. The event took place within the department premises, featuring active participation from students pursuing Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Journalism & Mass Communication.

The first major activity, titled “An Open Dialogue: Role of Fourth Pillar of Democracy in Nation Building,” unfolded in the television studio. The panel discussion, involving both students and esteemed faculty members, delved into the significance of the press as the fourth pillar of democracy. The entire show was meticulously produced and recorded by the department, with students also contributing to the audience segment. Discussions centered on comprehending the crucial role of a Free and Fair Press in the process of nation-building.

In line with the National Press Day 2023 theme, the second activity featured an Elocution Competition on the topic “Media in the Era of Artificial Intelligence.” Journalism & Mass Communication students showcased their eloquence and insights on how the media intersects with the rapidly evolving landscape of Artificial Intelligence.

These activities were crafted to underscore the paramount importance of fostering a free, fair, and independent press in India. The commemoration of National Press Day on November 16th each year holds particular significance as it reiterates the commitment of the Press Council of India towards role of free press and serves as a reminder of the vital role played by the free and responsible press in the country.

The University Institute of Media Studies remains committed to nurturing a generation of media professionals who understand the dynamic role of the press in shaping a vibrant and informed democracy, said Head of the Department, Associate Professor, Ankit Kashyap by adding, “As we celebrate National Press Day, let’s reflect on the symbiotic dance between media and artificial intelligence. In this era of profound technological shifts, the fusion of human ingenuity with AI’s capabilities shapes the narrative. Our duty as storytellers transcends traditional boundaries, embracing the digital frontier. Just as ink met paper in the past, today, our narratives intertwine with algorithms. As Head of the Media Department, I urge our students to not only adapt but to lead this transformative journey.”

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