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05/12/2023 2:41 pm

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Ashaayein 2023′ Annual Concert by Oakridge




Oakridge International School presented an amazing annual concert, ‘Ashaayein 2023: A Step towards Wellbeing at the school premises, was a spectacular event that left the audience in awe. As many as all classes students & their Parents attended the show. Beautiful costumes, excellent dances and amazing theatrical presentation mesmerized the crowd. Chief guests at the moment was Dr. Darpan Ahluwalia , ACP, Mohali. Christopher Short, Managing Director of Nord Anglia Education India was also graced the occasion .


The show started with the school band playing songs. Later, cultural events, Live Art, western and cultural Dance etc. were performed by students. Bhangra was main attraction of the show. Yearly school reports and teachers achievements were presented. The theme of ‘Ashaayein 2023’ was a testament to the human spirit’s resilience and its ability to find hope in adversity. The play depicted the remarkable journey of a doctor who overcame significant hurdles to become a successful neurosurgeon.


In the primary segment, the focus was on education, with a heartwarming play titled ‘Hamara Raaja Kon.’ The story revolved around the village’s quest to find a king. Their choice, the illiterate shepherd, learned the hard way about the importance of education in leading a successful life.


It was a fun filled day with entertainment and excitement, a day that provides an excellent platform for the children to unleash their talent. Principal of the school Suman Kalra briefed the audience the philosophy of the school, inculcation of life skills and value based education, global citizenship and plethora of activities conducted in the school. She further added that Students of today must explore the heights beyond sky if they want their dreams to be true in this competitive world.


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