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03/03/2024 5:22 pm

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Symbolic Protest by Manoj Lubana, State President Chandigarh Youth Congress

Alleges and Denounces the “Death of Democracy” in Mayor Elections.

Chandigarh: In a poignant display of dissent, Manoj Lubana, the State President of Chandigarh Youth Congress, led a symbolic funeral procession, joined by members of both Chandigarh Youth Congress and Chandigarh Congress. The somber event aimed to voice concerns over the alleged false conduct of Mayor elections in Chandigarh, signaling a stark declaration that democracy is perceived to be in peril within the country.

The alleged falsification of Mayor elections in Chandigarh has stirred a wave of discontent among those who cherish the democratic principles that form the bedrock of the nation. The protest, undertaken with solemnity and purpose, serves as a stark reminder that citizens remain vigilant and unwavering in their commitment to a fair and transparent democratic system.

Amidst the echoes of civic engagement, the protest unfolded as a symbolic funeral procession, reflecting the collective concern of the youth and community members who feel disenfranchised by the purported irregularities in the electoral process. Manoj Lubana, a prominent figure in youth politics, conveyed a strong message through this unconventional protest, shedding light on what he and his associates perceive as a lamentable demise of democracy.

Lubana expressed his shock over the alleged antics adopted by the Ruling BJP to grab power and emphasized the need for a thorough investigation into the electoral process, urging authorities to address the concerns raised by the citizens and political activists alike. He said, “The event serves not only as a lament but also as a call to action for safeguarding the Democratic Values that are fundamental to our country’s identity.”

H S Lucky, President Chandigarh Pradesh Congress said that the mandate was in favour of India alliance but the BJP got declared the votes invalid by their nominated councillor Anil Masih, who was also the presiding officer. The people of chandigarh will never forget and forgive this .

Mahila Congress President Deepa Dubey said that the way democracy has been crushed in the Chandigarh Mayor elections is in front of the entire country. For the sake of power, rules, law, democracy, its dignity and the Constitution were put aside.

Various prominent leaders like Subhash Chawla former President, Rajeev Moudgil, Gurpreet Singh Gabbi, Achhe Lal Gaur, Zahid Parvez Khan, Deepa Dubey, Yadvinder Mehta, Praveen Narang Bunty, Mukesh Rai, Manish Lamba, BM Khanna, Victor Sidhu, Virendra Rawat, Sonia Jaiswal, Kishore Kumar, Chhabu Yadav, Gurdarshan Singh, Surjit Singh Dhillon, Vasu Subhash Paul,Rajdeep Sidhu,Shubh sekhon,Preetraj Kang,Ranjot Ronnie, Navdeep Singh,Manish Rai,Surinder Singh, Harman jassar,
Parteek,Yatin mehta were also present at the protest.

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