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03/03/2024 5:24 pm

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PU: Lohri celebration at the UBS


The Lohri celebration at the Department of University Business School (UBS) at Panjab University, was  a truly vibrant and memorable event. Marking the festival with traditional enthusiasm, UBS created an atmosphere that beautifully intertwined cultural heritage with the excitement of a modern academic community.


The presence of esteemed faculty members, including Chairperson Prof. Parmjit Kaur, added a layer of distinction to the festivities. Their participation not only honored the traditions but also reflected the unity and diversity within the UBS community. Such involvement from faculty members was essential in bridging the gap between tradition and the educational environment, making it a more inclusive experience for everyone.


Central to the celebration was the communal bonfire, a powerful symbol of light conquering darkness. This ritual was a cornerstone of Lohri celebrations, bringing people together in a circle of warmth and camaraderie. The act of gathering around the fire, performing traditional rituals, and making offerings was a poignant reminder of shared heritage and communal spirit.


The lively beats of the dhol and the accompanying music and dance further enhanced the festive atmosphere. These elements were crucial in creating a joyful ambiance, encouraging participation, and fostering a sense of unity among students and staff. Such cultural experiences are vital in an academic setting, as they provide a platform for social interaction, cultural exchange, and the creation of lasting memories.


The success of the Lohri celebrations at UBS goes beyond mere entertainment. It was a celebration of the vibrant cultural fabric that the university embodies. Events like these play a crucial role in strengthening community bonds, highlighting the importance of cultural traditions, and adding a dimension of joy and togetherness to the academic journey.

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