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02/12/2023 1:52 am

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Home » Chandigarh » PU: Department of Biotechnology celebrated biotech fest

PU: Department of Biotechnology celebrated biotech fest


Department of Biotechnology Panjab university Chandigarh celebrated biotech fest on November 9-10, 2023

Scholars and faculty from Panjab University and it’s affiliated colleges participated in the event.

There were lectures by eminent scientists, poster and oral presentation by scholars and cultural activities during the two day event.

The program coordinator Dr Desh Deepak Singh Chairperson Biotechnology department PU informed that during the inaugural function Prof RC Sobti Ex VC PU gave an overview of the systems biology to synthetic biology approach.

Dr. Ajit Dua, CEO, Panjab Biotechnology innovation centre encouraged students to avail various facilities offered by Panjab Govt for start up and innovative activities. The Register PU Prof YP Verma exhorted students to work in interdisciplinary area and the Director Research and Development PU congratulated the holding of the event.

Dr Manjit Singh, Ex Director Mushroom research centre gave an overview of mushroom research and possible business activities in the area. There were discussions on vaccine development and students made presentation on biotechnology innovation and responsible developments in the area.

Day 2 had lectures, quiz competition and ended with cultural activities by participants to conclude the fest. Scholars from PU Dav college, SD college, GCC11 were given  prizes for their presentations. It was also decided to celebrate the fest annually.

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