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19/06/2024 2:07 am

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Panjab University Celebrated its 141st Foundation Day with Grandeur


On October 14, 2023 Panjab University, which was originally established on October 14, 1882, in Lahore and later relocated to Chandigarh, celebrated its 141st Foundation Day with great enthusiasm. The celebrations were led by the esteemed Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Renu Vig, who presided over the flag-hoisting ceremony, symbolizing the university’s rich heritage. A special highlight of the event was the presence of Padma Shri Jitendra Kumar Bajaj, honored with the ‘Guard of Honor’ by the National Service Scheme volunteers. The parade, accompanied by the university’s flag, marched proudly in honor of the institution’s legacy.

Dr. Praveen Goyal, the Program Coordinator for the National Service Scheme, extended a warm welcome to all the distinguished guests. During the event, Prof. Renu Vig emphasized the illustrious history of Panjab University and its continuous pursuit of setting new standards in education. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Satyapal Jain expressed his privilege in working with Panjab University and conveyed his heartfelt congratulations to the entire institution.

Former Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Arun Grover, and Prof. R.C. Sobti also graced the event with their presence, reminiscing about their time with the university and the pride they feel in celebrating its Foundation Day with their families. Prof. Arun Grover declared Panjab University as one of the leading universities globally, emphasizing the need for collaborative efforts to further enhance its legacy.

Engaging with the youth, Padma Shri R.C. Sobti shared the university’s illustrious history, encouraging the younger generation to carry forward the institution’s legacy. As a part of the Foundation Day celebrations, Amit Kumar, a dedicated National Service Scheme volunteer, was honored with the ‘Roll of Honor.’ The 141st Foundation Day of Panjab

University was indeed a momentous occasion, celebrating its rich history and looking forward to a future filled with continued excellence and innovation.

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