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23/05/2024 10:52 am

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Oath ceremony of students at Ratan Professional Education College


The oath ceremony was conducted at Ratan Professional Educational College for new nursing students . New Students made their pledge of allegiance to the rules and regulations of the nursing profession at Ratan Professional Education College. Director Sunder Lal Aggarwal &  Kartik Aggarwal was also present at this moment.

The event began with a warm welcome from the Principal Rajinder Kaur of Nursing, who emphasized the transformative journey that lay ahead for the students. She spoke passionately about the crucial role nurses play in healthcare, serving as the backbone of the medical profession and providing comfort and care to those in need. Following the welcome address, the ceremony took a poignant turn as the faculty, dressed in their traditional academic regalia, led the nursing students through reciting the Nursing Oath. The Oath, a sacred commitment to uphold the highest standards of patient care, ethics, and professionalism, echoed through the auditorium as the students repeated each line with unwavering determination.

The oath-taking ceremony was important and meaningful as it acknowledged the students as responsible Indian citizen. It is also an important tradition of instilling a culture of excellence in students. Prof. Somlata reminded students to make full use of the opportunity given to them and gain as much knowledge as possible. This would enable them to excel in their chosen field in the future, they added.

Director Sunder Lal Aggarwal  hoped orientation week would prove beneficial for all students to understood each other better as they start college life. RPEC other various foundations undergraduate, and post-graduate programmes through the faculty of life and health science.  

The climax of the ceremony was marked by the symbolic lighting of candles, each representing a commitment to illuminate the way of healing and compassion. The flickering flames symbolized the interconnectedness of the nursing community, as each student pledged to carry the torch of knowledge and kindness throughout their careers.



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