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05/12/2023 3:22 pm

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Home » Chandigarh » Holy Wonder Smart School organised  Annual concert at Tagore Theater

Holy Wonder Smart School organised  Annual concert at Tagore Theater



The Holy Wonder Smart School presented an amazing 9th Annual Concert show at Tagore Theater, sector -18 Chandigarh. As many as 500 students attended the show in two slots. Beautiful costumes, excellent dances and amazing theatrical presentation mesmerized the crowd. The theme of the show was old is gold. Chief guests at the moment was Aruna Bhardwaj, Strategic Educationist and a dynamic personality. Advocate Dr. Poonam Sharma, Educationist was special guest of the occasion.


The show began with a floral welcome of the dignitaries and lamp lighting by the chief guest, special guest and the management. First item was Gurbaani shabad followed by Shiv Vandana to seek divine blessings of the almighty. This was followed by a skating show, a yoga show and a Taekwondo show whereby the students exhibited what is being taught to them in the school. The theme of Old is Gold was rendered beautifully by the little students through a series of dance performances of Golden era and the fillers included mimicry of actors of golden era which left the audience split with laughter. The Play “Pehchan Astitva ki” by class 2 students on the contemporary issue of ‘Depression’ whereby they portrayed a wonderful message- the causes & effects of depression and ways to manage depression. Soul touching play on Sikh History portraying sacrifices made by Guru Tegh Bahadur ji and Guru Gobind Singh ji & their Sahibzade left everyone spellbound. Gidha was main attraction of the show. Yearly school reports and teachers achievements were also presented at the moment .

It was a fun filled day with entertainment and excitement, a day that provides an excellent platform for the children to unleash their talent. Director of the school Ashwin Arora briefed the audience the philosophy of the school, inculcation of life skills and value based education, global citizenship and plethora of activities conducted in the school. She further added that Students of today must explore the heights beyond sky if they want their dreams to be true in this competitive world.

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