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26/02/2024 9:23 pm

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Home » Chandigarh » Focus on consistency and fitness, Tandon advised cricketers

Focus on consistency and fitness, Tandon advised cricketers  

UTCA honoured IPL auction listed players  


Chandigarh: UT Cricket Association (UTCA) President Sanjay Tandon met and honored the six cricketers of Chandigarh who were included in the  auction list for IPL Season 17 at the UTCA Office, Sector 16 on Friday.

After the excellent performances in the BCCI domestic season, Manan Vohra, Bhagminder Lather, Raj Angad Bawa, Arsalan Khan, Vishnu Kashyap and Murugan Ashwin were in the contention for IPL 2024 with their base price of Rs 20 lakh. It was the first time for UTCA that six players were included in the auction list among the list of 333 players from all over the world.

While meeting the cricketers, Tandon encouraged them and said that this is testimony that Chandigarh’s cricket has made its mark at the national and international level in a very short span of time since its inception. While appreciating the performance of the cricketers in the domestic season, he suggested them to keep focusing on their consistency and fitness. He expressed hope that the team will continue its performance in the Ranji season starting from January 4. Senior team selectors Sanjay Dhull, Ravinder Nain and Yoginder Singh Bhandari present on this occasion assured the UTCA management that the selected players have the potential to make a turn around in the season. 

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