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14/06/2024 12:59 am

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Celebrating World Book Day with Gems of Wisdom

On World Book Day, Col (Dr.) Rajinder Singh offers a treasure trove of knowledge in ‘Gems of Wisdom’ – a timeless collection of wisdom inspiring generations to read, reflect, and learn.

Chandigarh: Col (Dr.) Rajinder Singh, MBBS MD released his much-anticipated book titled ‘Gems of Wisdom’. This unique quote collective, launched on World Book Day, distills the essence of a nonagenarian’s nine-decade journey through literature, philosophy, and religion.

The book was unveiled in the presence of distinguished guests Mrs. Amar Kulwant Singh, a celebrated social worker, and Mr. Vivek Atray, motivational speaker and former IAS officer. The book offers the readers a profound glimpse into the thoughts and musings that have shaped Dr. Singh’s life and philosophy.

“Wisdom, like happiness, grows when it is shared. My life’s adventures and the countless books I’ve read have taught me invaluable lessons, prompting me to compile this book. As René Descartes put it, reading good books is akin to engaging in conversation with the finest minds of past centuries. This book aims to provide just that—a conversation with the world’s wisdom at your fingertips,” said Dr. Singh.

The launch, organized by Akal University, Guru Ki Kashi Talwandi Sabo, and supported by Novel Bunch as the Launch Partner, not only promoted the joy of reading but also underscored the societal message of choosing books over drugs, an initiative Dr. Singh has passionately advocated through his philanthropic efforts in drug de-addiction.

Reflecting on the origins of his book, Dr. Singh remarked, “Each pearl of wisdom I found, I noted in a pocketbook, whose sepia-toned pages eventually inspired me to publish this collection. My hope is to inspire others to read more and to share the wisdom that books encapsulate.”

Furthermore, Dr. Singh announced the initiation of a “Chain of Wisdom” project, where individuals are encouraged to collect quotes from their readings and contribute to an initiative led by Academy Baru Sahib. The goal is to compile and publish these contributions as a series of 365 eBooks by the next World Book Day in 2025.

“Gems of Wisdom” is not just a book; it is a beacon of knowledge and a testament to a life well-lived and learned. It is an invitation to readers everywhere to dive into the depths of literary riches and emerge wiser. The book is available for purchase online and at select offline stores.

About Author: Colonel (Retired) Dr. Rajinder Singh, a 90-year-old crusader against drug addiction, is a psychiatrist by profession and a veteran of the Indian Army. For over 50 years, he has been relentless in his fight to protect the youth from the drug menace. After serving a distinguished 30-year career in the Indian Army, focusing on the mental health of military troops, Dr. Singh redirected his efforts towards combating drug addiction in the border state of Punjab, India. Now 90 years old, Colonel (Retired) Dr. Rajinder Singh continues to dedicate himself to this vital cause, serving as an inspiration to all.

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