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14/06/2024 1:16 am

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Cancer survival Mahima Chaudhary visited Sohana Hospital, Meet Cancer Patients



Cancer survival Mahima Chaudhary recently visited Sohana Hospital. During an extensive discussion with cancer Patients. she emphasized the need for cancer awareness among residents

Mahima was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2022.  While speaking about her personal experience she said that my world had turned upside down to say the least. It took every little ounce of energy within me to fight this disease. But, If I can do it, you can too!

She said that I feel very fortunate to explore Sohana Cancer Hospital Mohali established over 3 decades ago with 20 chemotherapy suites, a world class radiation therapy machine and high-tech robotic cancer surgeries that helps cancer patients get treatment especially across punjab, a belt which is known for all type of serious cancers such as lung, breast, cervix, head and neck cancers.

As a survivor, she added that I know how important it is to get diagnosed early. I was extremely moved and impressed to learn that a fully mobile mammography bus roams across punjab and north india for breast cancer awareness, early detection and prevention for women to get access to mammography scans absolutely free of cost. Being here at Sohana Cancer Hospital Mohali really makes me believe that Cancer patients in this belt are in safe hands.

She further added that Sohana Hospital have gained significant recognition for their specialized services, and acknowledged the invaluable care provided by the hospital to cancer patients.

She said we must inform that people are becoming more aware of cancer nowadays.  However, the portrayal of cancer as a dreadful entity has instilled fear in people, including patients and their families. She expressed her concern and also offered her support to address this issue.

Speaking about the efforts of Sohhana Hospital She mentioned that timely detection and treatment are crucial in combating cancer, and that is what Hospital should aim to achieve. Dr. Sandeep Kukkar, Dr. Rakesh Gupta , Dr. SS Trehan , Dr. Piyush Mehta, Dr. Sonia Dhaka was also present at this moment.


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