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02/12/2023 1:19 am

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AIMS, Mohali Hosts CME on Palliative Care

SAS Nagar:
Dr. B R Ambedkar State Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS), Mohali, successfully hosted a Continuing Medical Education (CME) event focused on Palliative Care (PALCARE 2023).

     Divulging the details, the Director Principal of AIMS, Dr Bhavneet Bharti said that the conference, brought together leading experts from GMCH, Chandigarh, PGIMER, Chandigarh, DMC Ludhiana, TMH, Mullanpur, GMC, Patiala and MAX Hospital, Mohali and other healthcare professionals to deliberate on the latest advancements and challenges in the field of palliative care and intensive care.

      Dr. Y K Batra, Senior Director, Dept. of Anaesthesia, MAX Hospital Mohali, was the Chief guest and gave an engaging talk on the background of Pain Centres and Hospice Care in the Tricity and highlighted the need for enhancing the same.

    Dr. Bhavneet Bharti, Director Principal, AIMS Mohali spoke about the importance of palliative care and the need to augment training of healthcare professionals in the field. Over 130 delegates registered and engaged in insightful discussions.

  She said that the event integrated diverse disciplines, promoting a holistic approach to palliative care, a rather overlooked field. The success of this CME reflects the growing importance of palliative care in the region, which bears a huge dearth of the same. The conference set a precedent for future collaborations and advancements in patient-centric care.

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