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With Dr Swaiman, Ravneet Brar’s election campaign got a big boost

The future of Punjab politics is hidden in the SSM

Mohali :

Dr Swaiman, who returned from California and played a pivotal role in the Farmer’s movement, has been giving full support to the Sanyukt Samaj Morcha candidates in the Punjab elections.  With the arrival of Dr Swaiman in Mohali on Wednesday at the Samyukta Samaj Morcha to campaign in favour of Ravneet Brar from Mohali, the campaign of Ravneet Brar received a great response.

Dr Swaiman campaigned in favour of Ravneet Brar in Phase 11 to Phase 1 of Mohali and the villages of the constituency Sohana, Saneta, Gigamajra, Manauli, Dhirpur.

On this occasion, he not only met the eminent personalities of the city but also the intelligentsia.  While endorsing the agenda of Sanyukt Samaj Morcha during the election campaign, he said that at present the Morcha is working for the welfare of Punjab while the rest of the parties are only pursuing their own interests and they don’t care about Punjab.

It may be recalled that Dr Swaiman had rendered great service to the Tikri border during the farmer’s movement and his views were widely accepted.

Campaigning in favour of Ravneet Brar has not only given a major impetus to the SSM but has also created a wave of enthusiasm in the farming community.  A large number of people gathered to listen to his views.

Dr Swaiman Singh, who provided medical services during the entire Kisan Andolan on the Tikri Morcha, says that in view of the atmosphere and awareness that has come after the agitation, all the Kisan leaders should come forward for their responsibility. He said that he is ready to perform any duties whichever farmers’ organizations will impose on him in their elections.

DP Bureau
Author: DP Bureau

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