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Union Government Pursues Revenge With Punjab : Parvinder Singh Sohana

After giving no representation to Punjab in BBMB, now Chandigarh officer has been given the charge of MD, CITCO instead of Punjab

The removal of Punjab from the representation of BMB and now the appojnting a Chandigarh official as MD, CITCO in Chandigarh is a direct blow to Punjab by the center govt. Expressing this, the joint candidate of Shiromani Akali Dal and Bahujan Samaj Party from Mohali, Parvinder Singh Sohana lashed out at the Union Government saying that the Union Government was bent on eliminating the representation of Punjab from Chandigarh and other major institutions one by one which can’t be tolerated. He said that it was not only discrimination against Punjab but also a big deception, which the central government was committing under the policy of revenge.

He said that the Union government was feeling humiliated by the crushing defeat in the farmers’ struggle and that was the reason why Punjab was not given representation in BBMB and now the post of MD, CITCO (which was earlier always given to a Punjab officer) has also been given to an official from Chandigarh, which proves the narrow policies of the Central Government towards Punjab. He said that this government would have to bear the brunt of this in future.

DP Bureau
Author: DP Bureau

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