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Test & support candidate on past work report card: Balbir Sidhu

Mohali : “The people should ask all political parties’ candidates about their contribution to the area, society and community. Before supporting any party candidate, its people have the right to know which candidate has done work for them and which didn’t. People should judge candidates from their past work report card performance and capabilities to perform in future as per their expectations.”

Balbir Singh Sidhu, Congress party candidate from Mohali Assembly seat and former cabinet minister stated this while addressing an election meeting at Lakhnaur village on Friday.

He said that we are seeking your support on the basis of our report card. We can say with our head high that we have done numerous development works in Mohali constituency. The equal parameters were used to develop urban and rural areas. What we have done is in front of you all, he asserted.

You have the right to ask every candidate for their report card. When candidates of other parties would come to seek your support, you should ask them for their contribution to your area development.
The AAP party candidate could not keep his own sector’s people happy with what you could expect from him for your area, Sidhu said.

“For me my whole constituency is my home and family and serving it with my full passion is my duty. I would not seek your vote if you could find any deviation from what I promised in the past. But if I have performed as per your expectation then I have every right to seek your support to serve you again.”

What destruction Akali did in 10 years is in front of you all and what development Congress did in the past 5 years is also in front of you, he remarked. Now it’s your turn to support such a party which works for general welfare by rejecting those who use political platforms for their vested agendas.

Later addressing a Muslim brotherhood meeting at Kumbra village, Sidhu said that demands of people from all communities in Mohali have been met on priority basis.

You have supported me every time and now I sought your support again. I could assure you that if elected again I would serve you all with all my hard work and dedication.

Speaking during the occasion Himachal Congress MLA, Rajinder Rana said that if Mohali is on international level now it is due to the efforts of Congress and Balbir Singh Sidhu. Congress is going to form a government in Punjab again and it’s your duty to elect Balbir Sidhu as your MLA. He is a true leader of Mohali.

Rather to test new candidates you should support a trusted leader like Sidhu whose only mission would be to serve the area and its people.
Rana said that going by the present sentiments of the public towards Congress in Punjab I can say with guarantee that Balbir Singh victory.

DP Bureau
Author: DP Bureau

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