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SSM issue ‘ikrarnama’ for Mohali constituency

“Attempts were made to give equal priority to each area under the 11 point program”

Mohali :

Sanyukt Samaj Morcha candidate from Mohali Assembly constituency Ravneet Singh Brar released his election manifesto which he termed as ‘Ikrarnama’. It provides 11 point program for the Mohali constituency.

The Manifesto seeks to touch on almost all aspects for the development of Mohali constituency in which Mohali city and villages have been given equal priority and made with well-coordinated way.

The 11-point program outlined in the manifesto includes
Active public participation in governance, education, Industrial Development, Clean green and healthy Mohali, Village ecosystem, Sports, Household waste management, Handing over the private sector to GMADA. , Healthcare, Agricultural renewal and improvement, Family and women’s welfare.

Providing more details in this regard, Ravneet Brar said that Sanyukt Samaj Morcha would take all sections of the society along with it. There will be uniform development in urban and rural areas. Villages will be given the same facilities as cities.

Brar further said that his priority is that the people of the Mohali constituency should have an equal share of power in social and economic issues so that Mohali could be made the best constituency of Punjab.

Speaking on the name of giving ‘ikrarnama’ to the manifesto, Brar said that it was not like the election manifesto of traditional parties which more than half of the issues are forgotten by the political leaders but it is my agreement with the people of the Mohali constituency Which will be fulfilled in every case when I become MLA.

DP Bureau
Author: DP Bureau

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