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Sister Tears Public Icon’s Morality Cloak

Appeals women to seek his answer for Maltreating Mother & sisters

Chandigarh :

Hurt and shaken, sister tore bit by bit, the “morality cloak worn by her celebrity brother, a “public icon on morality,” while revealing the sad and touching story of their mother, who mentally tortured, suffering from depression and sickness, was “left to die unattended” by her son, after demise of her beloved husband, just to quench his “unsatiable lust to upsurp family property,” according to Mrs Suman Toor, an NRI and US citizen.

He is so “cold blooded” that after tragic death in an accident of his eldest sister and family members, he “did not even offer condolence,” she added. She appealed public, specially women to seek his answer on the issue.

Mrs Suman is the elder sister of S Navjot Sidhu, from same mother, Mrs Nirmal Bhagwant. She felt emotionally broken, while narrating the painful events of her family’s sad story.

She disclosed that their family nightmare started after death of their father, S Bhagwant Singh Sidhu. As soon as the “bhog” ceremony was over, Navjot Sidhu suddenly turned his mother and her (Suman), out of their house. His behaviour was so rude that they were made to walk on feet to bus stand to “show them their place,” she claimed.

During an interview, Sidhu also made an unwarranted “false and defamatory” public statement, in a leading magzine, India today, as a ploy to his “immoral behaviour,” just to deprive his mother and sisters of their “due place” in their family, she added.

My mother was surprised and dismayed, to hear the baseless statement, when : a family friend brought it to her notice, she disclosed.

Navjot Sidhu’s statement published in Nov15, 1987 issue of India Today read as, “Cut off from his mother and two sisters (his parents had a judicial separation when he was two years old), Sidhu was extremely close to his father, Bhagwant Singh.”

Hurt and annoyed, on false statement, Mrs Nirmal Bhagwant, when came to patiala to bless her grandson, refused to enter the house. She insisted that “baby be brought to her, outside the house.” There and then, to passify the mother, Mr Sidhu wowed to have not made it, but never disclaimed the statement. Neither he supported her “piller to post” efforts, to recind her tarnished public image, she maintained.

Inspite of her bad health, Mrs Nirmal Bhagwant, made sustained efforts to get

her tarnished public prestige recinded, through legal notices. She frequently visited Delhi, all alone or accompanied by her elder daughter, to whome she had disclosed the mischief. Old lady died unattended on railway platform, while returning from Delhi, “after persuing the case,” disclosed Mrs Suman Toor. Mrs Toor maintained that she only came to know about the matter from her niece after the death of her elder sister. She also disclosed, that deceased sister

wished that after her I must take the matter to logical conclusion, since “our

mother so willed.”

I repeatedly sent Watts App messages to my brother to either prove his statement or publically disown it and appolozise, but to no avail, she claimed.

She maintained that she came to India only for this purpose that if he refused to respond then “come what may,” she won’t hesitate to make appeal to public to ask him, “either to prove his statement or shall publically appolozise, to restore tarnished public image of our mother.”

ic Icon’s Morality Cloak

Mrs Toor further revealed, that with prior information, she came to Sidhu’s Amritsar residence, and made her last effort to resolve the issue, on 20th Jan, but Sidhu refused to open the gate to meet his elder sister. She claimed that she has been forced to resort to public domain due to

arrogance and “moral bankruptcy” of her “actor” brother who is “acting the

drama” of “Public Icon on Morality” when he himself is “Morally Bankrupt.”

She regretted that being a habitual liar, he has blatantly lied during his most recent interview to ‘Jagbani’, that my mother used to wear sacred thread of “maull” and went to ‘Vaishno Devi’ after his birth. She never visited the shrine during her lifetime.

DP Bureau
Author: DP Bureau

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