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Poor maintenance of rail joints responsible for Sindh train accid

Islamabad [Pakistan] August 9 (ANI): Pakistan authorities have concluded that poor maintenance of rail joints caused two passenger trains to collide in Sindh this June, killed 67 people and injuring dozens.

An investigation has held more than 20 officials, including the Divisional Superintendent (DS) of the Sukkar division, responsible for negligence regarding “improper maintenance of the track,” Dawn reported.

“I had informed the headquarters well in time about the issues that might lead to the occurrence of any major accident within the operational jurisdiction of the Sukkar division,” DS Tariq Latif, who is one of the 20 suspects, informed after being held responsible for the incident.

The accident occurred after the coaches of one train, the Millat Express, derailed and fell across the opposite track, where it was hit by another train, which collided with the first train and overturned.

Earlier, Pakistan’s train drivers’ association had warned the country’s Railways administration of holding nationwide protests if drivers of the Millat Express and Sir Syed Express were “scapegoated” for the deadly accident that claimed lives of over 60 people in the Sindh province.

“We will not allow anyone to hold the poor drivers responsible for the tragedy, as there was no fault on the part of the crew of either train,” Shams Pervaiz, chairman of Pakistan train drivers’ association said.

He also dismissed speculations of over-speeding by Sir Syed Express and said the drivers had repeatedly informed the authorities about the track’s dilapidated condition “but, unfortunately, no action was ever taken”. (ANI)

Dawn Punjab
Author: Dawn Punjab

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