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Pakistan revenue board fails to ramp up tax collection despite 6

Islamabad [Pakistan] August 27 (ANI): Despite Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan appointing six new Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) Chiefs in the last three years, the federal body is still unable to produce the desired results, according to reports.

Indeed, the Pakistani PM is aware of the fact that it is the inability of the FBR to ramp up tax collection, in addition to the commerce ministry’s failure to enhance export earnings, that is at the centre of Pakistan’s Balance of Payments (BoP) crisis, Daily Times reported.

It should have become a notable fact by now that changing officials at the top will not fit the bill as the overall structure of FBR needs to be reconsidered.

If the authorities kept changing the FBR Chiefs at the same pace it is doing now, then the country can expect two more new heads of the federal body in the remaining two years of terms of the PTI government.

It is disappointing to see that the government, even after three years of its term couldn’t decide about which people, or even which sort of people, to appoint at the most sensitive and important positions in government, Daily Times reported.

It is high time the Pakistan administration should get rid of its confusion as this is the least what people could expect from the ruling government, especially after three years of its term.It has become Imran Khan’s habit of praising a person one day and showing him the door the next. Similar scenarios have happened in other ministries and bureaucrats in Pakistan, Daily Subah reported. (ANI)

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Author: Dawn Punjab

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