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Overwhelmed by the love and blessings of the people of Bahalolpur when they weighed him with ladoos


Sanjeev Vashisht intensified his election campaign by meeting voters 

Mohali : Bharatiya Janata Party candidate from Mohali Sanjeev Vashisht  intensified his election campaign by meeting voters   in collaboration with party supporters . Sanjeev Visht was weighed with the ladoos in the village of Bahlolpur by the residents to express their happiness.

Sanjeev Vashisht thanked the villagers and stressed that special efforts have been made by BJP for the development of the village.Thats the reason BJP is getting immense love from them . On the other hand, Congress candidate Balbir Sidhu Sidhu is facing huge opposition  in the villages  for  registering false prescriptions against the villagers and opening liquor shops in various places.

Aam Aadmi Party’s Kulwant Singh is also trying to mislead the people by  making false promises .However, Kulwant Singh was defeated by the people of Mohali in 2021 municipal elections. Kulwant Singh must realize how many votes he can expect in the MLA election when he lost by a margin of 300 votes in his own ward. Punjabis, however, have understood the bundles of lies being told by the Aam Aadmi Party and Kejriwal. Now ,Punjabis will not fall into their trap because Punjabis have tested all these parties and all these parties have been engaged only in doing good for themselves and their family. The people of Punjab are eager to bring in Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP government

Sanjeev Vashisht   stressed that BJP is contesting the elections solely on the agenda  of development. On the other hand the Congress government has  given economic setback  to Punjab in the last five years.  Development will only be  witnessed by bringing BJP double engine government in Punjab like the Center.

Sanjeev Vashisht  also informed  that the BJP has made and continues to make a number of reforms to uplift the condition of agriculture. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s central government has spent Rs 3,100 crore to improve the agricultural system. In addition to this 6 lakh cards are being made every year to maintain the fertility of the soil, with the help of which best farming avenues are being explored while maintaining the fertility of the soil. 19 mandis have been made online.

one large advanced cold store has now been set up. In which farmers can keep their produce safe. Vashisht said that while the Union Government is working hard to improve the villages, with the advent of BJP government in Punjab, the villages would be developed properly.

DP Bureau
Author: DP Bureau

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