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Never sleep with your hand under your head: Swami Lal Ji Maharaj

Panchkula : Internationally famed yoga guru Swami Lal Ji Maharaj early today imparted training in his ‘sahaj-saral’ yoga techniques to a large assembly of students at Govt. Model Sanskriti Senior Secondary School, Sector 26, Panchkula, aimed at energising them and improving their concentration and stamina.

Repeatedly emphasising the importance of right breathing techniques and posture while sitting, standing and sleeping Swami Ji, who is Pradhan Yogacharya of Chandigarh Yoga Sabha, Haryana Yoga Sabha and Shri Ram Mulakh Darbar (Haridwar), said smooth deep breathing 8-10 times a day helps tremendously in destressing people in a fast-paced work environment.

He also stressed on the students to keep their back and shoulders straight while sitting, keep legs slightly apart while standing (as in stand at ease position) and sleep like a child with your stomach down, one leg stretched straight and the other bent at the knee and one arm stretching straight downwards and the other bent upwards. Never ever sleep sideways with your hand beneath the head. Keep a pillow underneath the head if you have to sleep sideways, he advised.

Swami Lal Ji Maharaj also demonstrated the ‘sheetkram kapal bhati’ technique before students in which a mouthful of milk is taken in and lowering the chin to touch the chest the milk is ejected from both nostrils. This technique, which he assured wasn’t difficult and could be mastered in a week with regular practice, not only cleanses the wind pipe, but also prevents illness and fills one with energy.

The ’kriyas’ and yoga ‘asanaas’ demonstrated by Swami Ji, along with Guru Ma Prabha Ji and accompanying yoga trainer Dr Neha Sharma, were repeated by the students and teaching and non-teaching staff of the school.
Earlier, school Principal Neelam Sharma and her staff warmly welcomed Swami Ji and Guru Ma to the school.

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Author: DP Bureau

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