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Mars and Saturn Appear Next Door Neighbour – Captured by LeOrion Observatory

S.A.S Nagar :

On April 4 and 5, 2022, Mars and Saturn appear as next-door neighbors on the sky’s dome. Mars is reddish. Saturn is golden. Mars and Saturn are fainter to human eye, but noticeable for being close together, and easily seen in telescope. As seen from LeOrion Observatory on the morning of April 4, Saturn is to the left of Mars.

Today on April 5, Mars will be left of Saturn. Their conjunction falls in between those 2 dates. 
Mars and Saturn were previously seen together in 2020, but this time they were easily visible in a single eyepiece of a small telescope. The pair was seen within about 1/2 degree of each other, or about a full moon’s distance apart.

LeOrion Observatory is capturing various astronomical events since 2016. Since then, the observatory captured Lunar eclipses, Solar eclipse, great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. Neowise comet was also captured in 2020, which will be next visible after 6800 years. The observatory is owned by young astrophotographer Amrinderjit Singh.

Many parents and children are always eager to see these rare astronomical events through that big telescope.

According to Amrinderjit Singh, there are more conjunctions coming up in next two months.
1. Jupiter and Venus Conjunction on 30 April 2022
2.Jupiter and Mars conjunction on 29 May 2022.

LeOrion Observatory will also cover these two conjunctions.

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Author: DP Bureau

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