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Dawn Punjab Bureau / Chandigarh : To honor the young activist, Malala Yousafzai and to epitomize what the strength of a woman can accomplish even when so many obstacles stand in her way, KB DAV Learners celebrated Malala Day by supporting girls’ education on July 10, 2021, on a virtual platform.

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With perseverance, advocacy, and by making her voice heard, students of classes VI and VII joined hands and support education for all boys and girls. Children celebrated Malala Day and this young Nobel Peace Prize winner’s vision for girl’s education and leadership by sharing some unique education innovations by making posters, Powerpoint presentations, Slogan Writing, and by sharing the success stories of daughters of the country. Also, Class XI & XII  learners felt encouraged to participate in two competitions on Malala Day (celebrated every year on July 12), and dropped in their entries for ‘Designing a CD cover or a TV Series Poster’ & ‘Designing A Bookmark on Women Empowerment’. The students also vowed to keep Malala as their role model for life and encourage girl child education.

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Malala’s story and her fight to overcome cultural barriers demonstrate that no situation is too difficult to overcome and that educating women can solve the world’s problems. There was a huge enthusiasm among the teachers and the students for the programs.

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In the 21st century, we can no longer tolerate keeping children out of school and certainly no single child should be denied of her fundamental right because of her gender and ethnicity. Malala is a voice of youth and humanity and we as global citizens should come together and support what she stands for. If youth education is ensured, a better future awaits ahead.

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