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Jolt to AAP in Mohali, many families join Cong

Mohali : In Mohali, AAP suffered another major jolt when many families from Dhelpur village left the party and joined Congress party on Monday.
Mohali Congress candidate and former cabinet minister, Balbir Singh Sidhu welcomed these families into Congress.
He said that as Mohali MLA, he has always addressed the grievances of all sections of the society.

He has tried to bring complete development of entire constituency with complete impartiality.

He further said that however the candidates of opposition parties in Mohali are playing dirty politics of caste and religion. Especially AAP candidate is trying to seduce a particular caste and community and thus trying to create social divisions which are very unfortunate, Balbir Sidhu pointed out.
He said that the sensible voters of Mohali will shun this dirty politics in coming poll and will teach opposition a lesson.

Today, people want development and are not going to be deceived by such dirty politics, Sidhu maintained.
He said that AAP and SAD candidates had formed an Independent Group together a few months back and today they are contesting against each other which prove that they are hand-in-glove behind the doors.
They both want to seize power and have nothing to do with the welfare of the people.

These leaders have never ever reached out to the general public to address their grievances nor would they care of people after the elections.
Speaking during the occasion, family members who joined the Congress party said that they were misled to join the AAP. Now they have come to know the real face of the party and decided to leave it and join Congress under three times Mohali MLA Balbir Sidhu leadership.

DP Bureau
Author: DP Bureau

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