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Innocent Hearts College of Education, Jalandhar celebrated Intern

JALANDHAR: Innocent Hearts College of Education, Jalandhar celebrated International Youth Day 2021 virtually based on the theme of “Transforming Food Systems by Youth Innovation for Human and Planetary Health.” Online Poster making and Slogan writing competitions were organised. Online Declamation contest was also conducted on the topics – ‘Eating for planet’, ‘Shift to more sustainable diets and ‘Ways to build more sustainable food system by youth participation’.

As the corona virus unfolded, we started to understand how fragile our food systems are.The main objectiveof organising these online activities on the occasion of International Youth Daywas to make the youngstersconscious that as youth of the nation, it should be their endeavour to make the future generation rely on the food systemsthat they create today, so they should take steps to do their part in living and eating more sustainably.

Many student-teachers actively participated in these virtual activities. NargisJaitwaniachieved first prize in Online Declamation Contest. She explained that food loss and waste can be composted so that valuable nutrients return to the soil instead of being thrown away. New, nature-based technologies such as the use of black soldier flies to compost waste can generate multiple useful products including compost, fertilizer and animal feed.

KritikaMaggo achieved first prize in Online Poster making competition. She illustrated with real objects and descriptive poster thata sustainable model in the food system promotes the physical health of the public, the economic health of farmers and producers and the fair treatment to the earth, animals and people.She elucidated, “If you really want to support a sustainable food system, make sure to choose more plant-based foods, reduce your meat intake or try a vegetarian or vegan diet.”

Surabhi Sharma bagged first prize in Online Slogan writing Competition.She highlighted, “When you buy food from local farmers, you’re contributing to your community’s economy and also decreasing your impact on Mother Nature because transporting food over long distances generates great quantities of carbon dioxide emissions and some forms of transport are even more polluting than others.”

Principal Dr.Arjinder Singh congratulated the winners and the whole team for their contribution. He stated that implementing the various methods like cutting on the food wastage, growing our own food, eating more variety is very important because what we put on our plates has a big impact on the environment. Eating more healthfully and more sustainably go hand-in-hand, we can develop sustainable eating practices that improve our own health while also benefiting the health of the planet. With just a few minor tweaks to your daily life,you could have a huge impact on the way the food system develops in the coming decades.

Dawn Punjab
Author: Dawn Punjab

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