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‘Bajre Da Sitta’ singer Rashmeet Kaur comes out with new song ‘Oc

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], August 24 (ANI): Singer Rashmeet Kaur, who became popular with her Punjabi track ‘Bajre Da Sitta’, has now released her new song, titled ‘Oceana’.

Excited about the new track, Rashmeet said, “It was amazing how I’ve been able to creatively experiment on this showcase. It’s empowered me as I’ve been able to incorporate an element of reinvention. Self-discovery was something I was focused on during lockdown while I was working on this liberating piece. I wanted to incorporate those themes of self-love and self-belief. ‘Oceana’ is an appeal to continue living life and not validating yourself basis another’s opinion or affection.”Deep Kalsi, a frequent collaborator with Rashmeet, has co-penned the lyrics of ‘Oceana’ with the latter.

Speaking more about the song, Deep shared, “‘Oceana’ offers a breath of fresh air needed to leave judgment behind and see things for what they are. It is a song of self-positivity and pure happiness. I hope that when audiences hear this track, they will be inspired to live their truths no matter what outsiders say, because it is when we are standing in our authentic self that we are happiest and unstoppable. You need to let go to evolve into something bigger.”

Composed by Rashmeet and Gurbax, ‘Oceana’ is available on Sony Music India’s YouTube page. (ANI)

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