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Auto-cabs joint strike in TriCity for the first time in India on 12th April due to rising fuel prices

In protest against the rising cost of petrol / diesel / CNG, cabs, auto drivers will be on strike in Tri City (no auto-cabs will run) on 12 April

Cab Aggregator (Ola-Uber) Unbridled – Cab Auto Sanyukt Morcha

Chandigarh :
Cab Auto Sanykt Morcha claimed that there are about 40 thousand drivers in the TriCity and their livelihood is on the verge of closure due to the rising prices of petrol, diesel and CNG. Neither their aggregator companies nor the administration takes care of them. It is worth noting that the administration only releases the notification of increasing the rate but does not make any effort to implement it.

On the other side cab companies are also hesitant to increase the rate. In such a situation, where should auto cab drivers go, so on April 12, they will be forced to do a Chakka jam (no cabs or autos will run) in the tricity, this will be a symbolic but peaceful demonstration but
If the demands of the auto cab driver are not accepted even after the protest is over, then a decision will be taken on the indefinite strike.

Morcha officials said that the demonstration on April 12 will be symbolic and peaceful and hundreds of drivers will also lodge their complaints with the STA.

Demands of Auto Cab Drivers

The administration should enforce implementation of the increased rates as per notification

Do not grind the cab-auto driver in the fight between STA and Ola Uber, if any tax or fee is due, then take it from the aggregator.

Cab companies must reopen blocked driver’s ID with minor complaints by riders .

The driver has the right to know the destination and rate before ride , the cab aggregator should clarify

Pick and drop stops should be made on the lines of CTU bus stops.

Note: Emergency auto cab service will be available for the hospital on 12th April.

DP Bureau
Author: DP Bureau

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