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Amritsar Rice Millers Association gave a call for boycott of mailing policy

AMRITSAR: The Amritsar Rice Millers Association comprising of Rice Millers of Tarn Taran, Gurdaspur, Kapurthala and Pathankot has announced to boycott the changes in the milling policy for the upcoming paddy season 2021-22. That this milling policy is a loss making deal for the rice industry, which will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Announcing the decision taken at an emergency meeting of the association, Sanjeev Chadha, vice-president of the Federation of Rice Millers Association, said that the entire Rice Miller community was united in their efforts to tarnish the image of the rice industry. Even if he tries, the community will take strict action against him.

He was addressing a high level meeting of Millers in Amritsar today in which the election of district president was also discussed and the demand for election of state president was also raised by Bularya.

In the meeting, Sanjeev Chadha, Vice President, Federation of Rice Millers Association, said that if the FCI made any changes in the rice delivery criteria in the milling policy, it would be boycotted by the entire community. Mr. Chadha said that the standards set by the Union government for rice were destructive to the rice industry.

According to him, the rice cannot be ready at all. Paddy will have to be brought in the mandis.
He said that he has already repealed these new rules.

He further said that due to the new rules of Union government about 180 lakh tonnes of paddy would be left in the mandis of Punjab and even the bardana would not be distributed by the millers. He said that all the rice millers should show solidarity so as to strongly oppose this policy.


Dawn Punjab
Author: Dawn Punjab

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