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Aggarwal Samaj declares support to Balbir Sidhu

Akhil Bhartiya Aggarwal Saamelan State President, Surinder Aggarwal announce during a meeting

Mohali : In a yet another shot in arm to the election campaign of Congress in Mohali, Aggarwal Samaj on Monday announced its support to the party candidate and former Punjab minister, Balbir Singh Sidhu.

The decision was taken at a Samaj meeting which among others was attended by Surinder Aggarwal and Rajnish Mittal, state president and general secretary of of Akhil Bhartiya Aggarwal Saamelan respectively , Deepak Bansal, president of Aggarwal Seva Samiti Mohali, Anurag Aggarwal, president of Mohali Industries Association, Nancy Keshari from Mahila Wing of Aggarwal Samaj Mohali, Mukesh Bansal and Naresh Kansal.
The Samaj representatives applauded Balbir Sidhu’s efforts to strengthen the education and medical infrastructure in Mohali.

They also praised him for setting up a Bal Gopal Gaushala to give shelter to roaming cows and other stray cattle.
“Under Sidhu’s leadership , Mohali continued to grow by leaps and bounds. Mohali needs a leader like Sidhu who without any personal ambitions or vendetta would take Mohali further ahead on growth,” representatives of Samaj asserted.

They said further that Balbir Sidhu has worked tirelessly to ensure benefits for the poor and the underprivileged.
The representatives also complimented the efforts of Balbir Siddhu for doing all efforts at his disposal to ensure Mohali all –around development.

“We are keen to ensure Congress’s thumping win from Mohali so that the party under Balbir Sidhu’s guidance would continue to accelerate the pace of development in Mohali. To ensure his win from Mohali we called upon everybody from Aggarwal Samaj to vote and support Balbir Sidhu.” representatives maintained.

Speaking during the occasion, Balbir Sidhu said that the various development works carried out by us in the past years in Mohali speak volumes for us. In fact Mohali people will put their stamp on our claims by voting Congress in the upcoming poll wholeheartedly while rejecting malice propaganda of opposition parties out rightly.

“Mohali voters who are like a family to me, will teach the opposition a lesson for spreading false rumours by ensuring Congress wins from Mohali with a thumping majority,”
The opposition parties in Mohali are living in illusion and their illusion will be shattered on February 20 when Mohali voters will authenticate the fact that one can’t get vote and support on the hollow and manipulated promises. In fact one has to remain and do relentless efforts for the welfare of society which we are doing for a long time by doing our best, Sidhu asserted.

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Author: DP Bureau

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