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After the formation of AAP government, government treasury will be used for welfare of every common man: Kulwant Singh

Chosing the ‘Broom’ button on the voting machine on February 20, shall mean chosing development

“Pressing the broom button on the voting machine, will change Punjab’s destiny for greater good” : Kulwant Singh

Mohali : Aam Aadmi Party candidate from Mohali Assembly constituency Kulwant Singh claimed that Aam Aadmi Party will be forming government in Punjab on March 10. With the formation of AAP government, no one will have to hold protest rallies and shout for justice as the looting of public exchequer will be stopped and the treasury will be opened to the common man and not for the personal pockets of the ministers.

Kulwant Singh was addressing election meetings in various villages and towns of Mohali constituency as part of his election campaign.
Kulwant Singh appealed to the people of Mohali constituency to exercise their voting right without any fear, greed or anyone’s pressure.
He said that Aam Aadmi Party is fighting the elections with full vigor and AAP has a roadmap for the development of Punjab, roadmap for the development of every section of the society. He said that if the intention is clear then the treasury doesnt go empty as the Congress government used to raise hue & cry about.

After the formation of AAP government, no government school in Punjab would be without teachers and nobody would lose his precious life in government hospitals because of shortage of doctors or medicine.

Kulwant Singh said that people are coming in huge numbers in the election rallies of AAP and joining AAP on their own while other traditional parties are not able to get any support from the public even after putting in lot of efforts as the leaders of these parties had only looted punjab and did nothing for the people of Punjab while they were in power.

He appealed to all the voters of Mohali constituency to make AAP win by huge margin by pressing the election symbol ‘Broom’ on February 20 so that AAP government is formed. He said that one thing is clear that “if you press the broom button on the voting machine, it will change your destiny for greater good”.

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