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AAP government’s free electricity scheme, biggest pro-people decision in the history of country: Aman Arora

Within one month, AAP government fulfilled its biggest election promise: Aman Arora

CM Bhagwant Mann, living upto the expectations of the people, will fulfill every promise: Aman Arora

More than 80 percent families will benefit, will be relieved from the burden of electricity bill: Aman Arora

Chandigarh :

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) termed the announcement of Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann, of providing 300 units of free electricity per month to the every household of Punjab, as the biggest pro-people decision in pur country’s history. In a press conference at the party headquarters on Saturday, senior AAP leader and MLA Aman Arora said that within a month of its formation today the Aam Aadmi Party government has fulfilled its biggest promise made to the people of Punjab during the assembly elections. In this conference Aman Arora, MLA Sunam was accompanied by party spokesperson Neel Garg and Dr Sunny Singh Ahluwalia.

Addressing the media, Aman Arora targeted SAD, BJP and Congress and accused them of deceiving the public. He said that the leaders and chief ministers of the previous governments used to sleep for four and a half years and only near elections they used to do come out, announcing new things but not implementing to fool people for votes. Today, Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann has started a new and honest political tradition in the country by fulfilling the guarantee of free electricity given by AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal to the people of Punjab. All political parties of the country should learn from Arvind Kejriwal that in honest governance, facilities are provided to the people.

He said that Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann has taken the biggest decision in the power sector of our country today. Till date, no government in the country has announced to provide free electricity to such a large population without conditions. With this decision, 80 percent families of Punjab will get free electricity facility. There are about 73 lakh household electricity users in Punjab, out of which about 61 lakh consumers will get direct benefit of this decision. He said that Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann is living up to the expectations of the people of Punjab. Aam Aadmi Party will fulfill every promise and guarantee given to the people of Punjab and will make Punjab happy and prosperous again.

On the apprehension that the general and some other sections of the people may not get the full benefit of this scheme, Arora cleared that this decision has been taken keeping in mind that there should be no wastage or misuse of electricity. If electricity becomes completely free, then it can be unnecessarily used and wasted, which will create a crisis for the country’s energy system. He said that only a few percent of the people may not get the full benefit of this scheme due to ACs, cooler etc. during 3-4 months of summer, but for the remaining 8-9 months they will also be covered under this scheme.

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Author: DP Bureau

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