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AAP ‘Delhi Model’ is nothing but a ‘sham’: Balbir Sidhu

Mohali : Congress candidate from Mohali and former Punjab cabinet minister, Balbir Singh Sidhu on Thursday lashed down heavily on his rivals for false propagandas to divert people’s attention. Sidhu was particularly harsh on Mohali’s AAP candidate propaganda on AAP ‘Delhi Model’.

He said that the AAP Mohali candidate is making a fool of Mohali people by seeking their votes and support on ‘Delhi Model’. In fact this model is bogus and a miserably failed one.

He said, “ The Delhi Model is nothing but a sham. The actual meaning of AAP ‘Delhi Model’ is a failed medical and education system, water and air pollution, garbage dumping mismanagement and lack of sanitation.”
“Mohali doesn’t require Mohalla Clinics based on the pattern of Delhi as we already have world class medical facilities available at the door step to each resident here. In fact during peak of Covid 1st and 2nd waves the people from Delhi rushed to Mohali for treatment.”

We are in the process of making Mohali a medical hub whereas Delhi Mohalla Clinics’ basic structure is non–existed. The Delhi model’s so-called medical system was exposed when three children were killed in Delhi for administering wrong medicines recently, he said.

The Congress government in Punjab has handled drugs and de-addiction problems with iron hands whereas the AAP government in Delhi has planned to open 864 liquor shops in resident areas of Delhi and also proposing to reduce the minimum age to buy liquor from 25 to 21 years. This is an irony that once they opposed liquor rampant use in society but now promoting its distribution, he maintained.

Sidhu further said that Delhi has been ranked as the most polluted capital during the AAP government. According to the World Air Quality Report-2020, released by the Swiss Air Technology company IQAir, Delhi has been ranked as the most polluted capital and the 10th most polluted city in the world, he asserted.

Delhi women had to perform their rituals in the froth of Yamuna water for ‘Chhath Puja’. Thus the AAP government has brought a bad name to Delhi worldwide, Sidhu remarked.
Sidhu further said that the people of Mohali will give a befitting reply to AAP and SAD false poll propaganda by routing out both parties completely in the upcoming election.

DP Bureau
Author: DP Bureau

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