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A warm welcome and honor was accorded to the newly appointed Granthi Singh Sahibs of Sri Darbar Sahib at the headquarters of Damdami Taksal.

AMRITSAR:  Sant Giani Harnam, Head of Damdami Taksal warmly welcomed the newly appointed Granthi Singh Sahibs of  Sri Harmandir Sahib Sri Darbar Sahib on their arrival at the headquarters of Damdami Taksal at Mehta 40 kilometres  from  here on Friday. Siropa was awarded by  Damdami  Taksal chief Sant Baba Harnam  Singh.

On this occasion the head of Damdami Taksal thanked the Singhs  Sahibs for visiting the headquarters of Damdami Taksal and congratulated the newly appointed Singhs for their service to Sri Darbar Sahib and for their full support for the propagation of Sikhism. Assured.

The Singh Sahibs  lauded the services of Sant Giani Harnam Singh Khalsa, the head of Damdami Taksal, to the Panth and said that this organization, sponsored by Guru Gobind Singh Ji
 has an important place in the Panthic field. The pure institution of recitation of Gurbani, apart from propagating Gurbani, has always strived for the protection of martyrs, historical shrines, for the protection of historical shrines and for the prevention of attacks on Sikhism.

Dawn Punjab
Author: Dawn Punjab

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