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6, including 5 kids, die from mysterious fever in UP

MATHURA: A mysterious fever has claimed six lives, including five children, in the Konh village in Mathura in the past one week.

Nearly 80 persons have been admitted to various hospitals in Mathura, Agra and also in Rajasthan’s Bharatpur.

According to the health department officials, two children Sevak, 9, and Honey, 6, died in the hospital during treatment on Monday.

They were admitted with high fever. Others who died after reporting similar symptoms include Ruchi, 19, Avanish ,9, Romiya, 2, and Rekha, 1.

Chief medical officer Dr Rachna Gupta said that a team of doctors visited the village and took samples for diagnosis of malaria, dengue and Covid from the patients admitted in the hospital and their relatives.

The cause of death is still not clear, said officials, adding that there is a possibility of dengue, as their blood platelets were found to be low along with fever.

She said, “Insecticide was sprayed in the village and fogging was also conducted. Villagers have been asked to immediately report to the hospital if they felt feverish or had any such symptoms.”

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