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Mayor Jeeti Sidhu Inaugurates Storm Drainage Work In Phase 6 At A Cost Of Rs 22 Lakh

Lakhnaur Choe cleaning work started by Mayor Jeeti Sidhu

People will not face any problem  during monsoon in Mohali: Jeeti Sidhu

Dawn Punjab Bureau : Mohali Municipal Corporation is on tows for pre-arrangement of rain water drainage during monsoon season.  and his entire team are inspecting the Drainage on a daily basis and new pipes are being laid at various places, new road gullies are being constructed and old road gullies are being cleaned and repaired. The work is also being done at a very fast pace.

Under this, Mayor Amarjit Singh Jeeti Sidhu and his team inaugurated the work of laying of storm drainage pipes near civil hospital and government college in Phase 6 of Mohali at a cost of Rs. 22 lakh. This storm drainage pipe will be co acted with ”Patiala ki rao choe” Which is a barsati nullah.

Mayor Jeeti sidhu said that this will be a  permanent solution to the problem of standing water outside civil hospital and government college of Ph-6 Mohali.

In a series of water drainage works in mohali mayor Jeeti Sidhu today started the work of cleaning Lakhnaur Choe too. Senior Deputy Mayor Amrik Singh Somal and Deputy Mayor Kuljit Singh Bedi were also present on the occasion.

The chowe drains the water of Sector 70, 71, Village Mataur, Phase V, Phase 3B2 of Mohali and also the water of industrial area goes into this drainage. In order to expedite the drainage of water from this choe, cleaning work is being expedited by installing JCB machines. Mayor Jeeti Sidhu that the work of cleaning of drains was going on very fast all over Mohali and all the councillors of the congress were reviewing the drainage work in their respective wards and giving all the reports to hi.. He said that on the basis of these reports all efforts were being made to alleviate the problem of drainage of rain water in all the wards.

He assured that this time during the monsoon season the people would not face any problem of drainage of rain water in any area.

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