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Wrong injection technique could also be leading to clots :Covid-19 Vaccination

Dawn Punjab Bureau / Chandigarh : The reasons behind clotting following inoculation by adeno
vaccines, which include J&J and Sputnik jabs. The incorrect technique could lead to the injection accidentally been given in to the blood vessels rather than the muscle.

Following a study in Denmark, Jayadevan had warned in early April of the possibility of faulty injection technique being responsible for some of the rare clotting seen after Covid vaccination. He said people have stopped aspirating or pulling back the plunger of the syringe to check if they hit a blood vessel while giving intra muscular injections. “Aspiration was standard practice during my training days,” he added.

The study showed what effects the shot can have in the bloodstream. It cannot be tried out on humans and so was done on mice. When given intra muscularly, it stays localised. When injected into the bloodstream it gets transported to different parts of the body and clots can form anywhere. Clot-formation has been acknowledged as clearly associated, though not commonly associated, with the jab .

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Author: DP Bureau

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